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Winter coats I'm looking at

Hey guys! Its starting to get cold out and you know that means winter is coming. With halloween being over that means thanksgiving is next then Black Friday and then Christmas. This is definitely my favorite holiday season. So here are a few coats I am looking at buying for the winter season.

1. Cozy Days Faux Fur Jacket

This jacket looks so cozy and I think it would be perfect for going out in or just when I am going to class. Its looks really easy to layer as well and would look really good with leggings.

2. Mini Puffer Jacket

I am really into cropped jackets right now. I feel like the oversized jacket trend is somewhat over played so I have really been looking at this cropped puffer jacket forever.

3. Faux Fur-lined Jacket

I really have been liking biker jackets and have been looking into fur lined ones to keep warm and this one from H and M is absolutely amazing and I'm obsessed.

4. Sherpa Trucker Jacket

I am trying to get into the sherpa trend because right now I dont have anything sherpa. This jacket is very chic and I think it would be really easy to slip into my closet.

5. Long Faux Fur Hooded Puffer Coat

I love this long black jacket from Nordstrom Rack. Its regularly over $200 and they have it for only $73. This is idea if you live in a place that snows a lot or is just really cold for long winters like here in Ohio. Plus this jacket is so cute!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope this gives you some ideas about what you want for this coming winter.

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