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​Where I get my fashion inspo

With trends constantly changing sometimes you get lost figuring out what truly fits your own style. Knowing where to look and knowing what's your style is really important. My style is apart of who I am because I always felt like my style is how I present myself to the world. It's one of the first things people see when they they look at you. My love of fashion comes from an appreciation for art and beauty and I love being inspired by new and old things.

1. Television

Some of my favorite shows are my favorites because I relate to the characters and whatever they are going through. I love taking things that they are wearing and implementing them in my own style. One of my all time favorite shows is Sex and the City. When I am in a slump that show always gets me out of it . I have always wanted to live that dream of being in the fashion industry in a big city. Another show that honestly I relate to more than I like to admit is the Mindy project. Sometimes I am convinced Mindy's character was based on me. Finally Grownish, Yara shahid is one of my all time favorite actresses and Grownish is my life play by play. I relate to her character so much and I absolutely love her style.

2. News apps

Every morning I've started a new habit of going to my news app instead of going straight to instagram. Some of my favorite places to go straight to are Who what Wear, WWD, and Business of Fashion(BOF). They write real honest articles and are always on top of new trends. Click on the images and get linked to their latest articles!

3. Social Media

Instagram the place I feel like everyone goes. From influencers to celebrities instagram has become a hub for inspiration and new trends. Pintrest, some feel like Pinterest isn't being used as much but honestly I still use it to get inspired. Especially when I am looking how to style a new piece I just got that's a little out of my usual style comfort zone I like to see how other wore it to see how I can wear it myself. Like to know it , this is a new app that influences use to link the items they are wearing. You can screenshot their instagram picture and go to the App and it will show you wear they bought everything they are wearing. Sometimes they will also link cheaper options of some pieces that are more affordable for their followers as well!

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps you get inspired as well!

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