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What I eat for breakfast

I've always felt like keeping a routine is really important. Keeping a schedule is what I do mainly to stay organized. Breakfast is still my favorite meal of the day and during the week its hard to make sure I eat it everyday. Studies show that eating breakfast everyday gives you more energy for the day. On the weekends I typically eat banana pancakes which I will show the recipe for soon! But during the week this is what I eat for breakfast.

First I star by making myself tea which I usually drink while I'm making breakfast. I'm not a huge coffee person just because I got into the coffee craze. This is my favorite tea to drink in the morning, its the Tazo green ginger tea. Typically I add lemon juice, sugar, and honey to my tea and its a great way to jumpstart your morning. Usually I have one or two cups of this is in the morning.

Then I make my spinach eggs. I chop up spinach, then cook it down over olive oil and add salt and pepper. After that I crack two eggs over it and scramble it. Its my favorite way to have eggs and it makes me feel healthier because I'm eating vegetables in the morning. But its definitely one of my favorite breakfast items and even on the weekends with banana pancakes.

After that I make some turkey bacon to go with it . I used to eat regular bacon everyday but I switched to turkey bacon because it has less sodium and honestly Just prefer it over regular bacon.

Finally the last part of my breakfast is one cup of yoplait yogurt. My favorite flavor its strawberry. Some days I'll add blueberries or another fruit or granola to it but its something sweet to add to my morning. Plus yogurt has so many important nutrients and its great to add to your breakfast.

And here's what it looks like all together! Some days I'll add a bagel and cream cheese or avocado toast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and this is definitely a quick and easy breakfast that anyone can make and it took less than 15 min!

Well this what I eat for breakfast everyday. I hope this gives you an idea of a quick and easy breakfast. Thanks for reading!

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