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Ways to support BLM.

Hello everyone!

I am sure you have seen me posting about everything that went on this past week. It has definitely been emotionally draining but its conversations like these that we need to have.

I am so exhausted and trying to explain how impactful this past week has been on me would be very long so I wanted to link a post that I think truly describes everything I am feeling by @itsdemib. She is one of my all-time favorite Black influencers who lives in Chicago and her style is so incredible.

I have compiled some of my favorite posts from this past week in a highlight labeled We matter so feel free to check that out on my Instagram.

Below is a few links I had in my bio during this week on ways to support the BLM movement. These are organizations that support black communities and/or Black Organizations that you can support.

Tamir Rice Petition:

Breonna Taylor GoFund Me:

Watch these ads to Donate:

Black Lives Matter Donations:

NAACP Legal Defense Fund:

National Police Accountability Donations:

George Floyd GoFund Me:

Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective donations:

Equal Justice Initiative Donations:!/donation/checkout

The Color of Change Donations:

Gianna Floyr (daughter of George Floyd) Fund:

Assata's Daughters Organization Donations:

Black Feminist Project GoFund Me:

Black Girls Code Donations:

Black Voters Matter Fund:

This post will always be on my page as a resource for you all to look to on ways to support and donate even after the media attention ends. This movement is far from over and needs your support!

Thank you so much for reading and also I have a big announcement coming soon so be on the lookout for that !!

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