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3 Tips for going to a big university​​

Finding helpful information about your future college is always hard. I always struggled to find good information about what it was like to really live in a dorm as a student and knowing what I needed and just tricks to getting along with my roommate. I live on north campus of OSU so my building is newer has air conditioning thankfully (some on campus do not). Here I've provided some tips and essentials I think everyone should know about living in a dorm at Ohio State.

1. Study outside of your dorm

One thing I wish someone would have told me is that studying outside of dorm more really helps you focus. Make your dorm your home space. A place where you can just relax and do whatever. My favorite places to study are at local coffee shops in Columbus (not Starbucks because its way to crowded), my sorority house, Panera Bread, and12 ave Library if its late at night. It gives you the opportunity to really focus on what you are doing and gives you chance to get off campus. My favorite local coffee places are Fox in the Snow and Stauf's Coffee Roasters. As a person who doesn't drink coffee regularly these places have great tea options and amazing food.

2. Exercise

Ohio State offers free group classes for anything from cycling to yoga to Zumba. These classes are so much fun and one of the main ways I stay in shape. I personally and not a workout everyday type of person, so when I do go to the gym I have no idea where to even start. Going to these classes lead by students really helped me stay focused and stay in shape. My favorite is the 30/30 which is when you spend half your time cycling and have your time lifting. It really built up my confidence and also was just a nice breather from school. Plus afterwards you can get food. After morning yoga I like to get an Acai bowl at the RPAC and then go to a dining hall and get eggs and bacon.

Eggs bacon and an Acai Bowl

3. Join an organizations you love and then give it your all.

Ohio State is very large school. Over 60,000 students go here according to the Ohio State website. Making campus small is one way that I make the most of my time here and really get everything I wanted out of my college experience. I joined the Block O Marketing committee which is marketing for our student section here at Ohio State. Doing this I was able to meet new people and gain experience in social media marketing. I also rushed in the spring of 2018 and got into the Zeta Alpha chapter of the Chi Omega sorority here. Joinging a sorority wa honestly the best decision I made at Ohio State. I have made my closest friends through it and memories I know will last a lifetime. I will write a whole blog post on why I rushed as well as tips for rushing here soon don't worry!!

Meet the Chapters Round at Ohio State

Thanks for reading! I hope this helped, transitioning from being at home all of the time to being at a big university like Ohio State is definitely hard but I hope these tips can help you make your school your second home!

Have a great day!

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