Tips on getting to Positano

While studying abroad this past summer my Roomate and I decided to spend 9 days in Italy because we had a break between semesters, So we decided to go to Rome and then Positano. To get to Positano is defintley a trip if you're coming from Rome and there isn't a lot of information online as to how to get there. We decided to stay in Napoli which I do not advise but for us it was the cheapest option. So here are some tips/ things I wish I'd known to help you get to one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen.

1. Stay in Sorrento

Napoli is cheaper but there isn't really a lot to do. There are no beaches near by unless you go to Sorrento, Capri or Positano and its not that pretty of a city. Sorrento is gorgeous and the town's absolutely adorable. We stopped there on our way to and from Positano from Napoli and it was absolutely breath taking.

2. How to get to Positano

In order to get to Positano you must fly in to the airport at Napoli and then take a local train from the Central train station in Napoli to Sorrento and then take a bus to Positano. It is defintley a trip that alone takes 3+ hours but it is defintley worth it. The only thing that is frustrating is that you can't buy tickets for anything in advance.

3. Train to Sorrento

The ticket station for the train to Sorrento was defintley the most stressful. Learn some Italian! Any basic phrases or have google translate ready because very little people at the train station speak English very well. The train is a local train so there are a lot of stops and Sorrento is the very last one. Also be very watchful of pick pockets in the train station. They are everywhere so make sure to keep track of your things. One of those stops on this train from Napoli to Sorrento is Pompeii which I highly suggest checking out.

3. Positano bus

The Positano bus from Sorrento is one of the craziest rides I've ever been on. This charter bus takes you through the mountains in Italy to get you to paradise. Make sure you get in line early so you can grab a seat. The bus is about a 45- min to an hour so it takes a while and they pack the bus full with as many people as possible. Also make sure you check the bus schedule so you know what time the bus will be there so you can get back to Sorrento.

4. Positano (little America)

WhenI went to Positano which was early July I had never been in an area with more Americans during my entire trip to Italy. Not even Rome! Positano was full of college students from America and just American families who decided that this was the place for a vacation. I was absolutely shocked, it does help a lot though because in Positano I never once had problems, everyone I spoke to spoke English very well. Positano is the most breathtaking little town I have ever seen. The city is on the side of a cliff and the beaches are clean and the mojito's are to die for. Also make sure you try the limoncello because this area is know for having some of the best tasting lemons in the world!

5. It is Expensive

I'm not going to lie this trip defitnley took a tole on my bank account. The multiple tickets plus air bnb cost is a lot. Because Positano is a tourist destination it is an expensive place. I would argue that its just as expensive as Capri. But if you have the money by all means this is worth it. And honestly even though its expensive I'd do it all again tomorrow if I could because the people are so kind and the food is absolutely delicious. Not to mention the shopping boutiques are one of a kind!

I hope this helps you on your trip to Positano or just the Amalfi coast in general. Thanks for reading!