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Studying Abroad 25 days out!

Hey guys!

As many of you know I am studying abroad this summer and I will be going to London for 2 months! Im so excited but of course very nervous. I am going through a university called Arcadia which actually has many options for studying abroad throughout Europe! So far they have been really helpful in planning as well as preparing to be in London for such a long period of time. So far one of my biggest obstacles has been how am I going to use my phone abroad? I have Verizon Wireless as my cell phone carrier but their long term cell phone plans abroad are very expensive or limited. So when I get to London I will have to buy a new SIM card and find a entirely new cell phone carrier over there that will hopefully give me the ability to contact my parents while I am abroad. So here I've provided some tips to help you guys plan your trip when your less than a month away from going abroad!

1. Plan Early!

I can't stress this enough. Plan how you are going to get money and have access to the internet while abroad early. I've run into so many issues with abroad charges on my debit card and knowing what cell phone carriers are available in Europe and knowing the best option for me! Some study abroad programs will provide you with this information but make sure you do your own research as well!

2. Look at the weather

I am going to London in the summer so I expect it to be warm but I don't think it will be as warm as it is here in STL. So make sure you look at the highs and lows of your study abroad location and prepare you clothes accordingly

3. Budget

My study abroad program does not come with a meal plan so knowing how much money I plan to spend on food is definitely something I have to worry about. London has some of the best food places in the world and I definitely plan on traveling while I am in Europe and eating as much good food as I possibly can. So I have t make sure I budget for not only food, but my trips around the world as well.

I hope these tips help! Obviously I'm still planning and still can't believe I will be in London for two months. Honestly I don't think I'll really believe it till I'm on the plane! I will definitely continue to update you guys on my journey abroad and tips while abroad.

Thanks for reading!

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