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Staycation and new skills w/ Airbnb

Hello again!!

This year one of my goals is to be able to make drinks. I just turned 21 last July and I am still really new at it but I just want to know more about everything from wine to cocktails to what to pair things with. I love to cook and know what to pair with what is a skill I want to learn. So I turned to Airbnb’s online experiences and found some amazing classes you guys can use learn form as well!

Explore the Wines and Wellness of Italy

Perfect for social gatherings, corporate events, as well as team-building exercises; you and your guests will be given a unique opportunity to learn, share, and explore wine together in a fun and interactive way. You will learn the tips and tricks of food and wine pairings and what it takes to create your own balanced masterpiece at the dinner table. Your host is Jasper Viktor who has nearly two decades of experience in wine & hospitality, most recently as the General Manager at Buca in the Four seasons hotel, and is certified by the Wine & Spirit Education Trust. This experience honestly sounds amazing and has amazing reviews!

Amalfi coast limoncello, try it

One of my favorite drinks I had while in the Amalfi coast during my study abroad was limoncello and I have always wanted to learn how to make it. In this class straight from Italy, Rosa will share with you the recipe of her family to make the best limoncello ever.

Sangria and Secrets with Drag Queens

Honestly, this experience alone looks like so much fun. This is so much more than a live cocktail class. Fabulous Drag Queens will teach you how to make the most authentic, fresh, and delicious Portuguese sangria, ALL from scratch, step by step!!

I hope one of these classes looks perfect for you I already know mine is booked and I am pumped! Can’t wait to write more and hope you all have a great week!!


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