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ST. Louis Experiences w/ Airbnb

Hello everyone!

So happy to be writing to you guys in the new year! Although this year is still rocky If you have been home as long as I have been through the holidays I wanted to provide some covid friendly staycation ideas from Airbnb’s experiences website. If you are from outside of STL I encourage you to check out their online experiences as well as the in-person ones, there are so many amazing ones out there!!

Yoga on Art Hill

One of my New Years’ resolutions is to continue to remember to take care of myself. This means the mind, body, and soul. One of my favorite things to do is yoga but due to covid, I haven’t been able to have the usual classes that my university provides. So I have to search for more outdoor yoga options and was able to find this one! During the class, you get to do Positive intention, conscious breath, and soothing sounds of fountains start your custom-crafted flow, organically creating a peaceful moving meditation.

Paca Picnic!

If you are looking to get out of STL but not travel far this experience looks AMAZING. You get to feed and have a picnic with Alpacas which is so cool! You begin the tour by hand-feeding them, and then move on to our small animal paddock where you will meet the sheep and goats. After that, you get to meet more alpacas and have a picnic!

I hope these experiences inspire you to check some out in your local area!! Reminder if you leave your home be safe and wear a mask. Also, take care of your mental health don’t let it take a back seat this year!!


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