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Rent the Runway!

Hello guys!!

So sorry it has been a minute I have been extremely busy between my internship, school, and work. I know a lot is going on with the virus that's going around and just a lot of stress lately. Currently, I am back in St. Louis safe and sound with my parents. My plan is to go back to Columbus, OH this summer most likely starting May 20. I still have my apartment there and I am still paying rent. Also as much as I love my parents I definitely love living on my own.

But back to what I am writing about this semester, I have been a Rent the Runway rep on campus at Ohio State. I love Rent the Runway and have been a fan of the company for years. It was started by 2 women with the hopes of giving everyone the ability to have access to amazing clothing. I have been looking into sustainable alternatives to constantly shopping or shopping sustainably because most sustainable brands are out of my budget. So I turned to clothing subscription services.

So I started with Rent the runway, for $89 a month you get 4 items to keep for the month. They have amazing designers that I am a fan of such as Marc Jacobs and Rebecca Minkoff. They have even started adding Lululemon and more athletic brand options. They are constantly expanding and innovating new ideas including providing Sari's and its amazing. I also love their customer service. They are amazing for example this month they gave members 2 bonus items for their subscription because of everything going on. Here's some photos of some of the items I've gotten. Each has a link to the 4 items I got. I loved all of them was so sad I never got a picture in the dress though. The Bumbag from All saints is my absolute favorite item. I loved it so much I kept it an extra month. It was so cute and I felt very trendy wearing it and it held a lot more than I thought it would.

I love Rent the Runway and would recommend it to anyone. The clothes are amazing and they have accessories you can rent as well, with everything from purses to earrings. From casual to black tie you can find something you'll love. Feel free to reach out if you guys have any questions about Rent the Runway or being a campus rep.

I hope you all are safe as can be stay inside and I look forward to writing more!

I hope you enjoyed reading and stay healthy!!

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