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Quarantine tips!

Hey guys!

I have a little more time nowadays to blog and I wanted to share how I am getting through all of this. This is honestly a very stressful time and I am not going to lie at first I really wasn't doing great. A lot of big companies are doing great things to support everyone. One of my favorite clothes is "See good in all things", so that is what I am doing is choosing to see al of the good that is happening.

So I wanted to share some tips that have been helping me through everything and getting me through it all!

1. Take walks

Now I know your mom has probably been asking you to go on a walk every 5 min but honestly do it! Keep your body moving and it's better than eating whenever you are bored. Whenever I am bored now I walk my amazing dog max and it has been good for both of us.

2. Start a routine

I have a morning routine and have been keeping up with it pretty well. Where I but on some type of legging or joggers. Take my dog out for his walk and listen to a podcast. I come back shower do my facial routine get dressed. Then I have breakfast and start on homework or work and whatever else I need to do. It's not an all-day routine but it gets my morning and my day going.

3. Listen to Podcasts

One thing I have started doing is listening to podcasts. I have been listening to Jacie Marie and Chelsea's podcast a lot called What She Said . Jacie is one of my favorite bloggers I have been a fan of hers forever and her podcast with her childhood best friend Chelsea is amazing. It's funny relatable and honestly go check it out. The other podcast I have been loving is called by Love That For you. It is my all-time favorite blogger Viviane Audi and her friend Jules Jacobsen. This podcast is brand new but so far I love it. I love seeing a new side to Viviane and just both of them sharing their lives. Jules talked about her upcoming wedding and how that's going on. They talk about everything from blogging to relationships and it's great so go check it out!

4. Start a new hobby

So I have started a new hobby and honestly, it has really helped with my boredom. I have started embroidering my clothes. Mainly Jean items just embroidering sayings or decals on things and it has been so fun. Some people want me to sell items so maybe I will who knows! I have also been having a lot of fun editing photos. I typically use a preset that I purchased but I have been editing it and changing it a lot to really match vibe so much so that it's my own. People have also asked if I will be selling that and honestly I don't think I ever will. I see it as an apart of my own thing and I love that its one thing that makes my page unique and sets me apart from other bloggers. But who knows maybe one day I will change my mind.

5. Stay positive

Keep your energy up we will get through this. I am lucky enough that I have friends who are being so supportive and we talk all of the time and that's amazing. I created an Instagram group for black women in college fashionista and one of the girls has been sending me little inspirational messages every morning. So look for the positivity. Turn off your phone for an hour. I have actually stopped watching the news because it stresses me out. I know I will get the information that I need to know from my parents and even on social media there can be so much misinformation and rumors so often I will take a day off and just take a step back and focus on me or even just sit outside in the sun with my dog. Anything that makes you feel good and centered take a sec and do that once a day. It will change your life.

Well, I hope that helped. and I hope you are all staying safe and healthy let me know if there is any content you guys want to see from me!!

Have a great week!

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