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Post-Grad Life and Some Updates


I can't believe it's been a year since I posted on this blog. I decided to focus on school and took a step back from creating content and talking about collaborations so I could graduate. I will admit that creating content and keeping my grades up was so difficult. So now I figured I would give you guys some updates on my life, my relationship with social media now, and so much more on where this blog is going to go!

Last summer I got an incredible internship with WW which is another reason why I had to take a step back from content creation and blogging. My biggest goal was to have a job secured for after I graduated from college so when I got this opportunity I knew I wanted to work hard at it. Let me tell you it was the greatest internship opportunity I have ever had. WW is such an incredible company and I had the honor of interning on the multicultural team which was devoted to acquiring more black and brown customers. They specialized in working with Delta Sigma Theta and putting on events like a dinner in Harlem with Taraji P Henson and creating a food truck for the Latin Billboard music awards. They were all so dedicated to their work and passionate about WW. They made me passionate about the company as well. When looking for an internship as a content creator I was originally interested in fashion and wanted to make a career out of it. But I heard from several friends who work for the company about non-compete clauses in their contracts meaning for example if you worked for express then you couldn't promote brands like American Eagle, Abercrombie, and other fashion brands. This makes sense if you work for a fashion brand they wouldn't want you promoting other brands on social media. So after realizing this I decided to look into other industries one being the wellness industry. I applied to dozens of internships and had two offers. One was a marketing internship program at Cardinal Health in Columbus, OH. The health industry would be very new to me but they have a great program with a lot of opportunities. The other offer I got was with WW. I looked at their rebrand and what they were doing now and the internship was completely virtual which had a lot of appeals as well. So I decided to go for it! During my internship, I got to see so many parts of the company including social media and the multicultural marketing team. At the end of my internship, I got offered a full-time position which I of course took, and I'm so excited to start my job next week!

I graduated from Ohio State and had surgery which I will be writing a separate blog post about currently I am writing this from my hotel room in Los Angeles cause I'm on my senior trip with my mom! I am hoping to move out to NYC very soon in July. I can't wait to move and post-grad life has given me so much time back to focus back on social media and where I want this blog to go! I hope to continue writing about fashion from trends I'm loving to just things that are interesting in the industry I am seeing. I feel like social media has changed so much in the last year but I also one if that's just also because I am growing up and seeing the world differently as well!

I am excited to get back to writing again like always my DMS are always open and some posts to look forward to including My experience at New York Fashion Week, my Biggest advice for content creators starting today, and My breast reduction surgery FAQs as well as so much more. So be on the lookout for those and I can't wait to continue this.


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