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NYFW 2021 Trends recap and 2022 predictions

New York Fashion Week is coming up and I am so excited!! Since moving here I have been loving going to events and meeting so many creators and I am also excited to attend things this year. Last year when attending I went to a lot of fun events so I figured I would recap some of my favorite trends from last year.

Tory Burch:

One of my favorite highlights from last year was attending the Tory Burch show that was in the streets of Soho. There were so many incredible looks and one trend that I saw throughout the show was color blocking. I loved how throughout her collection we saw a mix of both pattern and color blocking and also saw this come to life in everyday street style.

Cynthia Rowley

Cynthia Rowley held her outside in the city as well. We saw a lot of different trends throughout the collection but one of my favorites has been popping up a lot in street style as well as feathers and soft pastels. I loved how she integrated this into her designs. Another trend was embellishments and crystals which we have been seeing coming back into style since the 2000s.

Michael Kors

Michael Kor's use of spring flowers and sequins was a highlight from last year. All of the looks were very structured and put together. I also really liked the fun pops of color that we also saw. Gingham was a huge trend that I saw a lot this spring and we saw a lot of this during this show as well.

Now getting into predictions that I think we will see this September during NYFW.


This is something I see coming into play even now. I think the new Barbie movie that is coming out next year has definitely influenced this a lot. Barbie pink is one that I have seen in a lot of collections such as the latest Valentino campaign featuring Zendaya. It also has influences from different decades from the 70s and 80s as well. I think we will see a lot of vibrant colors and influences from those era's in the next spring and summer season.

Pastels & Minimalist Florals

Pastels in spring is definltey nothing original but I think next season we will see this on another level. Colors such as mint, baby blue, and soft pinks will be everywhere. Puting this with floral patterns that are minimalist with a vintage aestehetic is one that I have been seeing a lot as well. I hope to see this more next seaon espeically with the rise Coastal grandmother aesthetic we saw this summer,

I am so excited for NYFW this season and can't wait to see what trends are popping up and cover them here for you. Covering NYFW is one of mhy favorite past times so I am so excited to see what happens this year. From brand activations to events and new collections this NYFW will be incredible.


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