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My selfcare essentials ​

This month and the next have probably been the most stressful months of my college career so far. Between looking and interviewing for internships and studying for multiple midterms. It honestly feels like every week there's another exam that I have to study for. Since this is my junior year its next summer is all about internships. Everyone of my business major friends are on the hunt and interviewing for an internship for Summer 2020. All of this constant stress has led to my skin breaking out and forgetting to care for myself. So now every day for the past 2 weeks I have been doing at least one thing that's purely for me. Whether it's taking an hour to watch my favorite tv show or put on a face mask at the end of the day. So here I've listed some of my favorite things for self care.

Face mask

All of this stress has led to me suddenly breaking out. Normally my skin is very clear or sometimes a little dry. So once a week I have been buying face masks from target. My skin is typically normal/dry so I use a lot of hydrating masks. I usually leave mine on for 15min and watch tv. It's time where I get to relax and truly decompress.


Ive gotten into the habit of lighting candles I'm back at my apartment. I read an article that smell can really affect your stress levels and your overall mood. Honestly I think its really helped and now my room smells amazing. This brand of candles is called Enlightened candles and its absolutely amazing. Follow them on instagram because they area constantly doing giveaways and they are honestly the best candles I have ever had. I linked some of my favorites below!


Honestly this is my main go to when I want to relax. I watch something that going to make me laugh and forget about the dozens of assignments I have due. But be careful not to end of bingeing and not get any work done. Thats why I usually save it for right before I go to bed. So here are some of my favorite shows to watch.


Whether its caffeinated or not I love tea. Fun fact I dont drink coffee so how I stay up when I have a big assignment or need to grind through a few quizzes is drinking some of my favorite tea. Its relaxes me and is truly is great for detoxing. So here are some of my favorite teas.

These are definitely some of my favorite things to decompress and really focus on myself. I hope you can incorporate some of these things into your routine so that you can remember to take care of yourself. Thanks for reading!

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