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My Guac Recipe

Since I'm moving into an apartment soon I have been teaching myself how to cook! I know guac is really easy but its something I eat all of the time. I often go into chipotle and just get a side of guac and take it home to snack on. I eat it all the time and since I am home for a little bit I have been trying to recreate it since buying guac all the time is really expensive.

1. Mash Avocado

I like my guac a little chunky so I lightly mashed my avocado just enough

2. Chop and add cilantro

2. Chop and add red onion

3. Add salt, pepper, lemon, and lime juice to taste

I didnt put any measurements because when I make this I usually just keep adding and trying it until its how I like it.

Thats it ! My dad made tacos for dinner so I ate my guac with some taco and it was so good. Mexican and Thai food are my favorite types of food so I am also trying to learn how to make my favorite dishes because I eat out all the time and need to start saving money!

Thanks for reading!

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