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My first apartment!

Hey guys!

This past semester I got to move into my new apartment and honestly its been one of the most amazing and stressful things. Renting your first apartment on your own is definitely a challenge especially as a college student. At Ohio State you have to live in the dorms your first 2 years as a student unless you live within a certain radius. I enjoyed living in the dorms but one thing I definitely missed was having my own bathroom.

For a while decorating my apartment was a challenge because I hadn't had my own room in over 2 years. I really wanted it to be a place for myself to relax and unwind. When looking for apartments near Ohio State's campus both myself and my Roomate really wanted a place where we could both have our own space but still be able to hang. We ended up choosing to live in the Wellington here right across the street from campus. It came fully furnished which was one of the main reasons we chose it because we are both from out of state.

One thing I have always had in all my rooms growing up was a mood board. It sounds weird but my style is constantly changing and I like having something to refer to that both inspires me creatively and aesthetically. On it I always put the women who inspire me and who I look up to as well as just quotes and saying that inspire me.

There are defitnley a lot of pros to having your own apartment or just living off campus in general. My favorite is that I get to make myself breakfast every morning, In the dorms I didnt have a kitchen right in my room. It was 3 floors down which is not far looking back but at the time it seemed very far. Plus I didn't like that I had to use the same pans as all of the other residents living in my building and they weren't always cleaned properly. Anyone who knows me knows typically I eat a moderately big breakfast because its honestly my favorite meal of the day and then eat a snack for lunch and then dinner. I'll be posting what I eat for breakfast everyday soon don't worry!

Having my own apartment so far has been amazing and below I've provided some pictures of what It looks like enjoy!

Thanks so much for reading!

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