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My favorite Vogue beauty secrets videos

When trying to find exactly what a beauty routine consists of I honestly had know idea where to start when I was building my own. I figured I should start with just googling things and I came across Vogues beauty secrets videos. I found these so helpful especially since its a large age range of women. So I thought I'd share some of my favorite ones and what I took from them (these are in no particular order).

Yara Shahidi

I love Yara not only because she's absolutely amazing and one of my style role models but because I relate to her so much and she's pretty much everything I want to be in life. But one thing I really took form this video was to make sure that you arn't just using your products on your face. But that to make sure your put your moisturizers and serums on your neck and hands as well. I also love this video because she's eating and having fun while doing her makeup and when Im getting ready that is very much me as well.

Camile Mendes

Camila Mendes is also one of my favorite celebs. I love her style and just her overall vibe and this video was really helpful because like her my skin is pretty good but the more I wear makeup the more I breakout obviously and get random flare ups as well. I never used toner before this video and once I started using one I definitely started to see a difference in the overall brightness of my skin. Toner balances your ph on your skin and also helps control acne.

Priyanka Chopra

If you love the Jonas brothers as much as I do you are also in love with Priyanka and Nick. Priyanks just seems so down to earth and I also love her style. I really liked this video because if you can't afford some of the expensive products that some celebs use she shows some all natural home remedies that she uses. I actually used the lip scrub because like her my lips are a more prominent feature on my face and I loved it . Its so easy to make and takes less than 10 min.

Kourtney Kardashian

I love all of the Kardashians especially Kourt because she has been advocating for a reform in the laws on what products can be put in beauty products for years. Like she says in the video these laws have not been changed in 80 years and that's scary because of all the chemicals that are in some products that harm our skin. She says she tries to use clean products as much as possible and provides some great options for clean skin care products. What I took from this video was to definitely check the labels of your products more and products with a lot of chemicals do affect your skin.

Halima Aden

I really love this routine because she emphasizes the importance of massaging your face and letting all of your serums and other products soak in before applying your makeup. Taking even just 2 min to massage your face can honestly make such a difference. Its all about waking your skin up for the day.

Thank you guys so much for reading. I hope these videos help you on your journey to finding your skin care routine. I will be posting a video of my "everyday" makeup and skin routine soon when I get back to St. Louis so stay tuned and have a great day!

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