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My Favorite Summer Trends

Hey guys!

It's a new week and we are starting to get into summer which makes me so excited because summer is my favorite season. Between the beach, picnics, and the AMAZING weather I can't get enough of it. I wanted to share my favorite summer trends I see where to get them!

1. Ruched and drawstring tops

Love this look so many of the tops I've been buying have this and it's honestly such a good look. So easy to dress up or down which is one of the best parts!

2. Pastels

My entire color pallet for my feed is pastels so this trend is something I am an absolute fan of. The bright colors and neutrals look so good with any shade of denim and I hope it sticks around!

3. Graphic Shirt Dresses

Urban Outfitters came out with a line of different tee that are oversized and so comfortable. I am already planning on buying another because they are so cool. They range from old band tees to fun graphics so definitely check them out.

Those are my top 3 favorite trends I hope you enjoyed reading and I also posted my first youtube video so be sure to check that out!


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