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My favorite fall pieces so far!

Fall is here and honestly its my favorite fashion season because of all the comfy soft material and layering! Typically for fall and winter I go straight for the greens and yellows and blacks but this season a lot more auburn as been popping up as well and I love it So below I've listed some of my favorite pieces for fall and don't worry I've linked everything as well!


These are some of my favorite sweaters that I've been wearing all the time. The Fuchsia one from the boutique I work at Jolie is one of my favorites and we just got a ton of more new sweaters so go check them out! This sweater from urban outfitters is one I wear all the time because its so comfy and loose. The sweater from H and M is also one of my favs and I love the pearl detail on the neck it makes it really easy to dress up.


This season I'm loving the all of the sherpa textures as well as cropped trends. When I was in London this summer everyone was wearing leather jackets and blue jeans and its such a staple look that Im obsessed with. Cropped jean jackets are also my new favorite trend that puts a twist on the typical oversized jean jacket.


So all of these jeans are from Abercrombie because I've been absolutely obsessed with them lately. All of their jeans are so soft and comfortable and amazing quality.

They have a new line of jeans called curve love jeans that are truly life changing and I'm pretty sure the last 3 pairs of jeans I've bought have been from them.

Thanks so much for reading these are definitely some staples ill be wearing all fall and hope this inspired you for your fall looks!

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