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My favorite Beauty Products

I have very sensitive dry skin so finding products that treat my issues is sometimes hard. I notice that wet products work better for my skin but knowing how to use products properly is what really transformed the way I think about the products I'm using. So I have provided my typical make up routine for when I'm going out.

1. Moisturize

I always moisturize first because I notice that It really helps my skins overall health is I do this first. Currently I really like Clinique's moisture surge moisturizer. My skin always feels so hydrated after wearing it .

2. Prep and prime

Ive noticed that my makeup stays on longer and goes on smoother as well. I use Mac prep and prime. Because I have dry skin using a wet prep and prime really helps my skin. The Mac Prep and prime is definitely one of my favorites and it works so well for me.

3. Foundation

Nars Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation is my favorite. Because I have dry skin its defintley helps to use a liquid foundation. When it drys its so dewy and I love how it makes my skin looks. I love the dewy natural look it gives me and it has the perfect amount of yellow under tones that really match my skin tone.

4. Concealer

Nars Radiant Creamy concealer blends so well with the foundation and I actually sometimes use it to contour as well and it works so well. I have several different color concealers and I love how it looks. The shades Walnut and Sucre D'orge works the best for me.

5. Mascara

As you can tell I love Nars products and mascara is no exception. Their Climax Mascara is so amazing it makes my lashes so well defined and fanned out. It's definitely one of my favorite mascara's of all time.

Thanks for reading guys I hope you were able to get some tips and learn some of my favorite products. When doing your makeup and taking care of your skin I've learned that you have to find what works for you.

Have a great day!

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