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I'm Back in Columbus!!

Hello Everyone!

Took a break from blogging to really focus on my Instagram page and grow over there and so far things are looking really good so I am so excited. I am back in Columbus after being in St. Louis for the past few months and I am doing to some room redecorating so stay tuned for that information. One of the biggest changes will be me putting up some adhesive wallpaper so that will be very exciting a great change to my room! Luckily my room isn't that large so it wasn't that expensive. It is on its way from Europe so hopefully that will come in soon!

I am very excited to be back in Columbus and back working at Jolie! Although my school will be online completely I definitely needed a change after being in STL the past few months. This past weekend I took some photos for the gram and I can't wait for you guys to see them. I will have a blog post up soon about being an Aerie ambassador so stay tuned for how applied the process and what it has been like so far!

I also started being a rep for fab fit fun and have had a lot people reach out to me asking how they can become reps for brands and how they can improve their pages so soon I will be adding an entire section to the blog labeled Instagram tips! I am so excited about this because hopefully, it will be a resource for you guys and help you in any way you need. I will also post a youtube video on it so it will help you guys also! I get so many questions each day so the plan is that I can just send out these links and hopefully they will answer people's questions!

So to recap coming up is a room decorating post, aerie post, blogging, and influencing questions answered. I can't wait to work on these for you guys over the next few weeks till school starts and I'll continue to post as much as I can!!

Have a great week guys!!

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