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Black Friday and Cyber Monday

With Black Friday coming up or should I say Black Thursday more like it sales seem to start earlier and earlier as the years go by. Black Friday was always an event for my mom and I to hang out for hours and find some amazing clothing deals so I wanted to share some of my favorite Black Friday deal places and the sites I've been going to for cyber Monday!


Lululemon typically doesn't do an official "Black Friday" sale like other stores. I always check their "We've made too much" section of their website which on Black Friday a ton of things typically get added. Where everything from coats to leggings is typically 50% off! Be sure to check their website too see all of the deals cyber Monday. Even in store a lot of things get added to their sale racks so be on the lookout!

Nordstroms/ Nordstrom Rack

This is always the first place I go to on Black Friday. With multiple brands being discounted including some of my favorite pieces from toyshop be sure to check their website because they've already released some of the major items they'll be discounting.


I think shoes are always on my mind when I'm shopping. Their stores will be opening 5pm on Thursday till 10pm. They will be offering some great discounts on designer shoe brands. Although this deal does start early be sure to check out all the great things they'll be having. The sale will also be online for Cyber Monday!

American/ Aerie

American eagle usually offers some amazing deals including 40% off the entire store including jeans. I love aerie's soft sweaters and comfort wear so I will definitely be heading over there to check out some deals.


This year Abercrombie is offering 50% off select styles for now but historically their entire store as gotten this amazing discount. Clearance usually gets an extra 30% off as well!


This year they have up'd their usual Black Friday sale from 25% off to 30% off their entire store. Madewell jeans are unmatched in my opinion. They are ethically reduced and some of the best quality jeans I have ever worn. So be sure to check out their website cyber Monday for some amazing deals.

Good luck on your shopping this year and thanks for reading!

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