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2021 is here!

Hello everyone!

I am so excited for it to be the new year! 2020 brought so many unexpected milestones and challenges. It was such a year of growth for me personally and professionally. On Instagram, I had lots of growth and have started working t brands of my dreams. Professionally I just got my internship for next summer and am so excited about it!

One thing I have decided to stop doing is making resolutions. I don't know why but I always feel like they are empty promises I am never able to keep. This year I am setting goals and intentions for this year and even made a manifestation board for this year. It is full of things I want to accomplish this year. One of those being I want to travel and figure out my life. I have always wanted to live in a big city like LA or NYC. But one thing I still can't decide is where I want to live after graduation. This brings me to another one of my goals which is to graduate this year. I don't have many classes left and would love to graduate this winter. The Prada re-edition bag has been trending everywhere but it's $1300. I currently don't have the money to buy it yet but would love to save up to buy it this year. Same with the Dior saddle wallet which I am hoping to purchase by the end of this month!

One goal I also have to start keeping a routine more and reminding myself to be grateful for everything in my life. Practicing gratitude and meditating honestly has improved my life every day. One thing I was gifted with was this Routine Journal. I LOVE this journal so much and have been filling it out daily to keep a routine. It honestly helps me accomplish and remember everything I need to do each day. I definitely recommend it even has a place where you can write a daily affirmation which also has helped me a lot. Not only with my mental health but in my day to day life.

Next is rebranding my Instagram page to a much more natural-looking feed which you may have noticed already. I loved the blue look I started with but I feel it's time for a change as the influencer industry changes and evolves I have to change with it! One of those of course being my editing style. Another goal I have is 10k followers on all platforms including tik tok and subscribers on youtube which of course means I have to start posting more on both platforms. I have so many ideas and things planned for this year that I am sure you will all love it!

I have so many goals and plans for this year I can't wait to start traveling again and making plans to meet friends as well. I hope you all make a manifestation board for the year it's definitely not too late!

I even included my own and I also changed my lock screen to include a smaller version of it to remind myself every day what my goals are.

I hope this helped you tag me in your manifestation boards! I can't wait to see what we all accomplish this year!


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