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2020 mood board

Hello everyone and welcome to 2020!! I took a break to focus on finals and school as well as spend time with my family this break. But I am back and have some great things planned in the next coming year!

I always say set high goals for yourself and you don't accomplish them all that's ok. You accomplished some and that's what matters. So I decided to share a mood board I made for 2020 that has some of the goals I want to accomplish as well as some new attitudes I hope to bring in the new year.

So I'll go from left to right to make things easier.

The Pantone colors are from the Pantone app where I screens hotted a photo of my instagram feed and these were the colors that showed up the most often. Its honestly what I base a lot of my own style choices on as well as things for my own aesthetic.

In the top right this piece was done by @stormae who Ive linked. She's an amazing artist and honestly this piece is what I formed my entire board around. I always have trouble not doing what's best for myself. Taking into 2020 more positive vibes about myself and knowing that my feelings matter just as much as others.

Along with that just seeing the good in all things. This past year was defintley one where I faced a lot of challenges from relationships to school to going to Europe for 2 months it was definitely a lot. I remember crying on my birthday while I was in London because I was so homesick and wanted to be with my family and friends so this is such a reminder to see the good in all things no matter how bad things seem.

Next is a symbol I made for sustainabality. I have always felt with my shopping choices I often just buy things because I want it not becauseI need it which is why this year I am trying a clothing subscription service in order to try new trends but not create waste. I feel like my basics closet is pretty established and I love trying new trends but not buying if I feel like I won't wear more than few times. Ive chosen to try Nuuly . Use the link I provided for $20 off your first box! Nuuly is by the people who own free people and urban outfitters and they have some amazing options. I have especially been wanting to use them for trying new winter coats and I can't wait to show you guys my first box!

The sewing machine is there because I love fashion and would love to learn how to make my own clothes or alter clothes myself. I feel like it's a skill that I will use forever and definitely want to take classes this summer.

In Harry Style's new song Adore you there's a lyric that says Brown skin and lemon over ice and I feel like that encompasses me perfectly. Anyone whoknkows my knows I always drink lemon water and when I heard this I probably had this song repeat for a week. But I love this energy and am definitely taking it into 2020.

The tacos and tea bag are just things that I love and will continue to love in 2020. I always take the time to make myself a cup of tea in the morning its honestly my little self care item that always makes me feel good and I plan to continue that in 2020.

Nuuly Link:

Thank you so much for reading don't forget you don't have to make resolutions every year bring new attitudes and continue what you did last year that made you happy. Happy New Year!!

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